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Energy Efficiency

Novocastrian Electrical in association with our suppliers are able to provide our existing and new clients with options for reducing electrical energy consumption through the supply and installation of: 

Novocastrian Electrical can provide solutions in regards to power factor correction.

First step is to examine the clients current energy consumption over a  period time by installing data loggers on the electrical supply.

The information captured by the data loggers can be provided to the client in a report form along with recommendation on how the clinet can improve or reduce energy consumption.

One very important aspect of improving quality of supply is the control of power factor. Low power factor means poor electrical efficiency. The lower the power factor, the higher the apparent power drawn from the distribution network. This means that the supply company must install larger generation capacity, larger size transmission lines and cables, transformers and other distribution system devices, which otherwise would not be necessary. This results in a much higher capital expenditures and operating costs for the Electricity Supply Company, which in many cases is passed on to the consumer in the form of higher tariff rates. This is the main reason behind why the Electricity Supply Companies in modern economies demand reduction of the reactive load in their networks via improvement of the power factor.



Power factor correction capacitors

A poor power factor can be improved by adding power factor correction capacitors to the plant’s distribution system. Correction capacitors provide needed reactive power (kVAr) to the load. Therefore, the Electricity Supply Company is freed from having to supply it.

Power factor correction capacitors reduce the total current supplied by the Electricity Supply Company to the load and as a result the distribution system capacity is increased.

Filter reactors

In most cases it is necessary to reduce the effects of the harmonic currents. One way of reducing harmonic currents is to install an inductance (filter reactor) in series with the capacitor.

The filter reactors protect the electrical installations and equipment but it does not eliminate the harmonics.

The reactor value should be calculated and designed in order to reduce the resonant frequency of the circuit to a value lower than that of the lowest harmonic in the system.

A capacitor equipped with a filter reactor is protected from harmonics regardless of the layout of the network to which it is connected. Except in some cases when switching in steps the inductance and capacitance values could add up to equal one of the harmonic frequencies in the system causing resonance.

Power loss reduction

Distribution system losses are also reduced through power factor correction by reducing the total load current in the system.

Voltage improvement

Power factor capacitors decrease distribution system voltage drops and fluctuations during the start of large inductive loads.

Where should the power factor correction equipment be installed

After determining the required size capacitor in kVAr, the next step is to decide on the location for installation of the capacitor bank.

It is difficult to set definite guidelines for location of capacitor installation. However, the following general rule should be kept in mind: As close as possible to the main switchboard.